Your Most Toxic Relationship Habit, Based on Your Venus Sign

Time to chat about darling Venus, planet of love, romance, and beauty. She loves to be in love, and loves all things beautiful — and lucky for us, Venus just moved out of aloof Aquarius and into the sweet, emotional sign of Pisces. Venus entered Pisces on Jan. This dreamy transit might just be the cute love life glow-up you’ve been longing for. Sappy romantics, I’m talking to you. Pisces is a dreamer. This water sign is emotional, artistic, empathetic, sensitive, and often caught up in an elusive world of fantasy. When Venus is here, our expressions of love and romance take on an especially sensitive, compassionate nature.

Venus in the Sign of Pisces

This planet rules love, beauty, relationships both romantic and platonic , emotional attachments, attraction, as well as our most pleasure-seeking sides. Where your Venus sign falls dictates how we express love and how we want to be loved in return. In essence, your Venus sign suggests the type of lover you are—and this may differ wildly from your sun sign. But if your Venus is in Cancer , you may be much more emotional and sensitive than a typical Aquarian.

The astrology of has been very, uh, interesting so far, to say the least. There’s been a ton of planetary action in Capricorn making everyone feel supes.

Pisces February 19 — March 20 is the last sign of the zodiac, which makes them one of the wisest, grown-up signs. Pisces is most well-known for giving great advice, being wise beyond their years, and being intuitive and empathetic. When it comes to relationships, Pisces is often hot and cold. You may never know for sure what Pisces wants from you even if they tell you because their interests and feelings can change every single day.

As someone who is incredibly compassionate and kind, Pisces is definitely someone you need to have in your inner circle. This zodiac sign will always keep your secrets, never judge, and always be there when you need a shoulder to lean on or an ear to listen. Emotions run deep with this zodiac sign. Pisces tends to carry the feelings and heartaches of others with them and is likely to mourn or celebrate with you when you share your highs and lows.

It is an active practice for this zodiac sign to learn how to set boundaries, avoid playing the martyr, and stop themselves for falling for damaged, troubled souls.

The Influence Of Venus In Love Relationships

This also applies to how you date, what type of relationship needs you have, and who you are attracted to. Think of it as a love horoscope. This information is relevant to anyone who has Venus in Pisces. By the end of this blog post, you will find what Venus in Pisces means in the astrological birth chart. All you need is your birth date and birth location. The exact time is not necessary to find your Venus sign.

If Your Moon or Venus are in Pisces – You’re attracted to a woman who is Love Compatibility Calculator and enter your birth date and theirs.

Your Venus Sign is the Sign where the planet Venus is located in your birth chart. If your Sun Sign or Rising Sign is Aries or Leo or Sagittarius, you may also have the following style to some extent; but whatever your Sun Sign may be, when you have Venus in one of these Fire Signs, your way of flirting is even more likely to be as described below.

You act on impulse; are full of surprises; and are not boring. You act lively, playful, plucky, vital, fiery, feisty, or cocky. You love a challenge and play the game with gusto. You act very enthusiastic and are very expressive about your feelings. Subtle is not your style. You act bold and spunky, take chances, and will risk rejection.

You are easily infatuated, then may lose interest if you get bored. Direct and bold.

Venus moves into Pisces next week, so expect to feel extra emotional

Jean teaches astrology and metaphysics. She is a reader, author, ordained nondenominational minister, and member of the NJ Metaphysical Ctr. People with Venus in Pisces are deeply compassionate and able to empathize with people from every walk of life.

The number one quality you are seeking in a lover is sensitivity if you have Venus in this sign. Artistic or spiritual inspiration is another thing that.

You are ambitious, motivated and courageous, and embody the warrior archetype. You bring excitement and passion to those you love. With Sun in Aries, you enjoy a challenge and dating is like a mix between courtship and sparring. You tend to be active and have a strong sense of competition. An ideal date may involve a game or some type of challenge. Be mindful, though you may and those who wish to maintain your loyalty and attention should take note to both challenge you and allow you to save face.

In sports as in love, you want to be challenged before conquering. You need a partner who can be forward, yet you expect to do the pursuing. You will not tolerate being dominated. Although you may receive suggestions about potential date venues, your ideal date will be a plan you initiate, as you love sharing your interests with others.

Venus in Pisces – Men and Women

Venus is the planet in astrology which points us towards our love style. It tells us a lot about the kinds of things we enjoy doing in our lives. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. It carries traits from all of the other astrological signs.

The Astrology of Love, Dating and Compatibility from Those born with Venus in Pisces are very idealistic, holding demandingly high.

Pisces is the final water sign and the last sign of the zodiac. Ruled by Neptune, this sign is deeply immersed in mysticism and emotional overflow. Pisces people are first and foremost, emotional. They process life through their emotions and view the world through an emotional lens. Another behavior manifesting as a result of their uncontrollable emotional power is moodiness. They make attempts to live a more mental life often conflicting with how they feel resulting in turmoil.

As they age, the harsh realities of life change their disposition. They can develop a mean nature and become manipulative if left unchecked to develop in a harsher environment. This sign has the ability to transcend what our senses pick up and become a unifying bridge between worlds. When Venus is in Pisces, buckle up for a wild ride. These people are highly emotional and it can go both ways. They can seem like two different people at times.

In relationships, they can be unpredictable with little explanation. If you want to help settle this placement down a bit, help them learn to meditate and develop their mental and emotional focus to help funnel that emotional energy.

Why Venus Retrograde Might Screw With Your Zodiac Sign’s Relationships

Everyone wants to experience love. Everyone wants to be in love. Everyone wants to know how and when love will happen for them.

This fictional Venus in Pisces people are so romantic, they put the in his field of work, Patrick is a bit shy when it comes to the dating world.

Donna Roberts. They make their own rules and follow their path. And, they want someone next to them who understands. Venus symbolizes sex appeal, romance, ambition, love, relationships, pleasure, money, finance, and beauty. Venus in Aquarius uses their intellectual prowess to show off for a potential mate. They are looking for someone who appreciates their active mind.

They pride themselves on being forward thinkers. And, they need someone they can talk to and debate with on all their ideas.

Venus In Pisces Is Turning Every Zodiac Sign Into A Hopeless Romantic This Month

Ever met a man you had great physical chemistry with, only to discover you have next to zero emotional or intellectual compatibility? If so, I have some information that will help you discover why your past relationship didn’t work out. It is the most important sign in terms of astrological compatibility, and it shows which kind of woman he feels uncontrollably attracted to on all levels. To figure out his Venus sign, you’ll need to know his date, time and place of birth.

Dating Someone With This Placement. When Venus is in Pisces, buckle up for a wild ride. These people are highly emotional and it can go.

Note: You are likely familiar with comparing sun signs to determine compatibility. It can be much more revealing to compare Venus signs in romantic relationships! Find out your position of Venus by sign here. When your Venus is in Pisces, you love tenderly and compassionately. You are a peacemaker at heart, and your sensors are so strong that you pick up as much as possible, and perhaps more, from your partner. You have a sense of humor in love, although you have your shares of ups and downs, as you are a very sensitive person.

Harshness bothers you. Wistfulness is almost as natural to you as breathing when it comes to love. No matter how you approach other areas of your life, there is a romantic side of you. You crave making a connection with a person—many would call it a deep connection, but spiritual is a better word, as your ideal love rises above rather than plunges below the mundane world.

The Signs You Should Not Date

As an independent sign Aries does not mind being single. She likes to do things her own way. She might date people just for the fun, because she enjoys making new acquitances. It is not unusual that she has many dating partners at the same time, because she likes to keep her life active. When she falls in love, it happens like a lightning strike and she does not hesitate to leave her single life. Although she demands to have some sort of independency in a relationship too.

The Venus in Pisces man is a highly emotional individual, sensitive, and affectionate with his partner. He’s been searching for that special.

Venus has been working HARD for the past couple of months— its adventure through Capricorn in February helped solidify your tightest bonds and its recent trek through Aquarius all month majorly expanded your social circle. But on March 26, Venus dips into Pisces, the most emotional sign! All that recent networking is transformed into a more compassionate Piscean desire to empathize and relate with others on a deeper level.

The water signs— Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces—love the calming atmosphere while the mutable signs— Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius—see more action going on in their relationships. This is the feeling of Venus in Pisces—gentle, compassionate, and just a little bit hazy! Relationships are less about what you say and do and more about how you approach others, focusing more on the feelings behind your words and actions. For Venus in Pisces: love is boundless. Love is romantic.

Love is imagination. Love is fantasy. Love is returning to the spiritual source.

Venus in Pisces: Give into Romance!

Virgo and Pisces are opposing signs and their attraction is very strong. These partners have a task to find the place of physical intimacy in which they will both be relaxed to be exactly who they are. Virgo partner will usually be shy, trying to show their sexuality through rational behavior, and Pisces will see right through this. On the other hand, Pisces will fear close physical connection with another person, and this will be practically dismissed by Virgo.

As they both learn that they cannot hide who they are, they will have no choice but to set themselves free from any fear and shame, giving in to the wonderful sexual experience Venus has to offer. This is a couple that will never have instinctive sex, however passionate they might get.

When you’re dealing with the ethereal energy of Venus in Pisces, deciphering her seductive arts is like trying to glue ocean surf to the shoreline.

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Venus in Pisces Horoscope (All about Pisces Venus zodiac sign)