Beautiful elegant orchestral classical piano track with hopeful mood. Ideal for background music to video content of brands, products or services. Вы когда-нибудь просыпались среди ночи под звездным небом в Крымских горах? Featuring muted electric guitar, electric guitar, piano, synth pads, acoustic guitar, drums, bass guitar, piano. Featuring hammond organ, electric piano, electric guitars, and percussion.

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Good for promotional videos, love stories, indie travel videos, movie trailers, film scores, TV ads, YouTube videos, corporate presentations, and more!

Perfect festive music for commercials, advertising, documentaries, film, movie projects, TV, YouTube and more. Great for summer vacation, nightclub parties, hot fashion show, Youtube vlogs, lifestyle videos, travel videos, beach vacation, stylish commercial and more. This gentle track can be perfect background music for any project like inspirational narration, technology projects, business video, travel video, catchy Youtube story, and other lovely media. В предвкушении праздника Татьяна Черная.

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Вместе с командой профессиональных инструкторов, пройдя маркированными, и не только, тропами, выбрав верный азимут, ночуя в палатке, коротая вечера у костра, растворившись в неподражаемой Крымской природе, Вы обязательно получите массу впечатлений и максимум адреналина.

Fits a different kind of production like youtube video, TV commercial, advertising, vlog, presentation, family travel, happy kids and more! Great for party and clubs, lounge bars, sunny beach music, кузыка leisure vlogs, food estravel cooking show background and more.

This is calm, peaceful and beautiful background music with warm and ambient atmosphere. Perfect for relaxing moments, love and travels scenes, dreams and sunshine. Upbeat and happy modern dance music, with a great energy and young mood, featuring bright and wide expansive synth pads, pumping drum beat. Величественный Мангуп Кале — столица княжества Феодоро встретит Вас молчаливыми развалинами цитадели, оборонительной башни и крепостной стены.


This is my new, positive corporate music, gentle rock music track with sunny bright mood, which contains electric guitars, electronic drums and live bass. Beautiful acoustic guitar melody, percussion section makes this track perfect background for a wide variety of applications.

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Sounds like Two Steps from Hell. Great as background music for motivational projects, innovation technologies, traveling videos, advertising, business presentations, the unforgettable journey, and stories of success. A fun acoustic, energetic track with catchy melodies extrzvel bouncing beats.

The entire track is based on the powerful sound of drums and bass mixed with stomps and claps.

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Happy and bright track, featuring melodic cheerful ukulele, breezy acoustic guitar and a light electric guitar that create a carefree mood.

This is a positive tropical house pop music, full of fun and summer vibes. I used piano, orchestral strings, staccato. Perfect for tv advertising, radio, films, viral marketing, web advertisements, children, movie extrzvel, youtube, successful, business and travel videos.

Extrxvel track can be used as a soft musical background for websites, computer games, tv or radio jingles, advertising and commercial inspiring video, wedding or nature slideshows, time-lapse videos. Ideal for background music to video content of brands, products or services. Mixi — Верю и не верю Соул 3: This is a sweet pop-rock song, played by guitars, drums and e-organ. Музыва happy, upbeat, fun, optimistic, fresh, carefree, bouncy, cheerful, joyful track. A Positive Summer Dream.


Great track for drone videos, sky timelapse, urban space, and other stylish projects. Would also work perfectly for fashion shows, summer and beach party moods, elevator music, hotel and spa atmosphere background and more.

Slowly building up, wide and epic inspirational post-rock driven by reversed piano, electric overdrive guitars, solid tom hits and acoustic drum kit beat. Если вышесказанное Вам уже знакомо — не сомневаюсь что Вы хотите снова попасть в этот волшебный мир.

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Это не Пассивный отдых полежать на пляже или прослушать экскурсию из окна автобусаэто туристические походы по крымским горам, лесам, рекам и прочим достопримечательностям. Upbeat, carefree and uplifting acoustic guitar track.

DJ Val remix Хаус 3: Вы позвонили на телефон красивой и умной девушки Индастриал 0: Perfect for TV nature documentaries, nature product advertising or as great background music for relaxation and wellness videos, slideshows, presentations or holiday video footage.