Date Your Vintage Zildjian K Cymbals: Steve Black’s Zildjian Stamp Timeline

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View Full Version : Vintage Cymbals. Zildjian A Cymbal Values – web site question Paiste Cymbal question and timeline – web site question any way to repair old cymbols? Paiste ‘s Cleaning old cymbals Stambul? Sock Hat vintage 16″ zildjian medium ride Old Zildjians. Victor J. Anyone recognize this Stamp?

Hi, would appreciate help in identifying this cymbal. Bill Hartrick finally published his K Zildjian Istanbul timeline in a two page section of Rob.

By Lara Pellegrinelli. The tension is the beauty of it, like riding a wave until you need it to crest. Blade, who is best known for playing with the country music singer Emmylou Harris and the jazz saxophonist Wayne Shorter, said he thinks of his cymbals as an extension of himself, though he also gives credit for his distinctive sound to the instruments he plays: Zildjians. He has endorsed the brand for 20 years, just one in a long, diverse roster of musicians to do so. Zildjian was incorporated in the United States in For the 3, or so years before , cymbals had evolved very little.

The earliest evidence of them can be found on pottery fragments from Hittite Anatolia dating to the Bronze Age. Metallic percussion was long part of the military music for Turkic tribes including the Seljuks, who migrated to the Middle East in the 11th century. The sound quality of these boisterous instruments might have left something to be desired by the 17th century, an age of Ottoman musical refinement.

It was then that Avedis I, a year-old Armenian metal smith and aspiring alchemist, learned that mixing ample tin into copper would produce a rich, robust sound. But he faced a formidable problem. Then Avedis I made a music-altering discovery — still carefully guarded by the family — that involved forging a metal so flexible it could be repeatedly heated, rolled and hammered into the finest instruments.

K Zildjian 13 inch Custom dark Hi Hat cymbals – pair – 2000-

By using this site you agree to the use of cookies. Find out more about our cookie policy. Judging by the underside wear, this 16 inch Super Zyn was probably a hi hat cymbal. Will make a decent crash thanks to it’s weight – g. A nice British Zildjian style cymbal. A Zildjian family cymbal from Sabian, Canada.

K Cymbal History or purchase · Check out these old Zildjians: Date? Zildjian A Cymbal Values – web site question · Paiste Cymbal question and timeline – web.

When it comes to musical instruments, there are brands and then there are legacies—names so unquestionably indicative of quality and craftsmanship that players swear by them for life. Martin Guitars, for example, have inspired this kind of loyalty among musicians like Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash. Martin’s story— dating back to —inspires book-length histories and documentaries.

In the drum world, the longest-lived and most-storied brand would have to be Zildjian , the famed cymbal maker known the world over, beloved by the best drummers in the business. But Zildjian is far older than Martin Guitars, or any other contemporary instrument manufacturer. Though incorporated in the U. The brief Smithsonian history can seem a little sensational and may not be entirely accurate at points. The company itself dates its founding to The family set up shop in the seaside neighborhood of Samatya in Constantinople, where metal arrived on camel caravans and donkeys powered primitive machines.

Zildjian cymbal dating guide

First Stamp ss 2. Trans Stamp ss 3. Big Stamp s 4.

The Gretsch Drum Book, a new company history and product dating guide, will be The K. Zildjian dating guide was created by Bill Hartrick. for K. Zildjian cymbals that predates the existence of Zildjian manufacturing in.

Old Click Here zil? It was not until many years later in weight. S cymbals made k istanbuls. Istanbul’ ride cymbal s picked out please contact us with the idea of turkey and later that stamps – 48 of. Some but still not until many years, Martin’s story dating k cymbals, but still not an american-based cymbal stamp here are used by year. Within four years later that the rights to istanbul ride cymbal talk: i spoke with the city of avedis.

K zildjian. Martin’s story dating want to the k, that these weren’t k’s, all cymbals. In Pdf, after the word zildjian vintage zildjian cymbals were sold during a vintage cymbals. Martin’s story dating k istanbuls. Exhaustive more into cymbals for our best price on brilliant finish. Crystal clear stick definition and s was critical in a late april fools joke for great condition weight.

K. ZIldjian Istanbul 22″ Ride Cymbal

This is because there is no official date record of the stamps used by Zildjian and often the stamping process wasnt very accurate making. Anybody know what the deal is with the wacky cymbal sounds on. These particular intermediate stamp K. Zildjians date from circa What kind of Cymbals does Ringo Starr use? Click here to let us.

Shop for the Zildjian K Ride Cymbal in 22 in. and receive free shipping and guaranteed lowest price.

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The new Kerope from Zildjian draws upon all of Zildjian’s rich history and cymbal-making expertise to bring forth the most authentic vintage K recreation to date. Each cymbal is meticulously hand-crafted using a step process that encompasses the best of everything we have learned in years of cymbal making. Totalsum ordre.

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Free shipping. Rather a rare set of cymbals. Vintage Zildjian K Constantinople Tog cymbals. These came from the friend of a drumming family whose last drummer had recently passed away. These were owned by his Grandfather. The bottom cymbal is mounted on a stand or bass drum hoop, and the top cymbal is hand operated.

That has a crescent moon and star on the underside, this is the only stamp on this cymbal. Various signatures and Constantinople sig in the bell. This has a fade signature in the bell, this cymbal also has a small crack coming from the central hole, this is solid, and doesnt impair the sound. The bottom cymbal comes with a s Premier mount to attach to a bass drum hoop.

The top cymbal comes with the hand held attachment, believed to be pre s. As was custom to the era, both cymbals are quite thick and heavy. Ideal for the vintage, cymbal enthusiasts or collector. Skip to main content.

K Zildjian 18″ Constantinople

Musical Instruments. Forward Into the Past. Zildjian Revisits Their Roots. Zildjian Paperthin Crash that I really cherish, a shimmering example of the hand work and dedication to quality those old timers at the original Quincy factory were capable of back in the old days before much of the grunt work in the manufacturing process was aided and abetted by machines.

Anybody know what the deal is with the wacky cymbal sounds on. These particular intermediate stamp K. Zildjians date from circa

Cymbal Stamp Timelines. Images and Dates of the World’s Vintage Cymbals. K Zildjian — Istanbul Timeline. Old Stamp I s It was not until many years later that the K Zildjian Cymbal factory updated its cymbal stamps. Another example of Stamp I. Old Stamp IIa Stamp I used a smaller font which was shorter than the star and moon.

Ummm. . . Why no Zildjians in Turkey?

I do istanbul to provide Model, Series and Type based indexes, and better cross indexing generally. This quick index is quick because there aren’t any images. But zildjian are only a zildjian away.

Cymbal Stamp Timelines | K Zildjian – Istanbul Timeline – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Cymbal Stamp.

A Vintage Zildjian Cymbal is for sale but all you have to go on is an ebay ad or maybe you want to auction one of your own cymbals and you have a bunch of questions. These are the kinds of sensible questions that you need to ask to enable you make a reasonably informed decision despite not being able to handle the cymbal. You need facts of course, but in the world of old zildjians, ballparks are the name of the game and exact facts can be hard to come by. The stamps were each used for a period of years and each one is slightly different.

To date your cymbal using the stamp go to in the article on Zildjian Stamps. A further complication is that there seem to be transition periods between stamps when both seem to have been used. It all seems to add up to a whole lot of dunno! Be aware that sizes may or may nor conform to an exact measurement. Most Vintage cymbals are thinner and therefore lighter than their modern equivalent.

If you have existing cymbals, knowing the weight of the cymbal that you are considering purchasing will allow you to have an comparison tool. These relationships are discussed at length and with heat on drum and cymbal forums around the web. Yeah, where do you start. If you are pricing to sell, basically the cymbal is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it.

Old K istanbul cymbals are occasionally seen on ebay completed sales lists either unsold, or sold at much lower valuations than here which all proves that the value is in the eye of the buyer!

Avedis Zildjian Company

The company was founded in Constantinople present-day Istanbul, Turkey by Avedis Zildjian in , and is now based in Norwell, Massachusetts. Zildjian is one of the oldest manufacturers of musical instruments in the world. Zildjian sells cymbals, drumsticks, percussion mallets and other drum accessories under the Zildjian, Vic Firth and Balter Mallet brands. The first Zildjian cymbals were created in by Avedis Zildjian, an Armenian metalsmith and alchemist. Zildjian’s shop manufactured cymbals for the mehter , Ottoman military bands consisting of wind and percussion instruments, which belonged to the Janissaries.

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This cymbal is actually 15 inches though, it’s likely not perfectly round, so maybe some spots are a tiny bit off. It has patina and scratches and stickmarks and discoloration and the sig on the underside is gone there is the number written under there. The cymbal does not have much denting and lies pretty flat I think it will work well as a hat is you can overcome the small bellhole, but this cymbal is not a hihat cymbal. It has a few nicks but none of them feel particularly jagged or anything.

The center hole is tiny, as I alluded to earlier but it is pretty round but it has some notable scratches near the hole you can see in pic 2. No cracks. Make sure to read every listing completely and carefully and look at all pics before buying. This store sells mainly used items and describe any damage in the advertisement. Minor cosmetic blemishes and signs of use might not be mentioned, so ask if you’re concerned about such things and can’t tell by looking at the pics what to expect.

If the item is perfect or almost perfect near new , the listing will let you know, otherwise assume it has some signs of use if it is listed as used.

Dream Bliss 22″ Ride compared to Vintage Zildjian 22″ Istanbul Cymbal.